AsteroidOS Launches New Smartwatch Launcher

AsteroidOS smartwatch

Smartwatches used to be the next big thing for tech fans. These little devices were the darlings of those that felt they were simply too busy to pull a phone out and look at it for an update on a sound. Based on the continued development in this section of the tech world, there seems to not have been enough of those people to warrant continued support. That doesn’t mean that millions of these things haven’t already hit the market, though. Millions of devices that are slowly losing support from the original company that made them. Now, a new operating system has been released for many smartwatches called AsteroidOS. As with new “add-ons” like this there are potential problems.

First, the AsteroidOS currently only works 100% with one brand of smartwatch. The LG G Watch. Don’t own that particular smartwatch? That is fine as the AsteroidOS update has been shown to work on these devices, too:

Watch Urbane
Asus ZenWatch 2
Sony Smartwatch 3

Okay, here comes the problems if you are not an LG G Watch owner and want to use AsteroidOS. Users of these watches will lose access to Bluetooth. Yep, that is kind of the point of these things isn’t it? To be able to connect wirelessly to a smartphone so that you can do basic things without pulling your phone out. These smartwatches may have some basic functionality still available, but you won’t get messages, emails, text message alerts, or anything else that requires your phone. Please keep that in mind before going through the process to install AsteroidOS on your smartwatch.

It will be interesting to see if smartwatches go the route of computers from the 90s when Linux and all of its derivatives were first making their appearance. It would be interesting to see more development by other developers in this area as surely more can be done with these little screen devices than is currently happening.

Source: AsteroidOS website

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