Ant-gravity: Tiny’s Adventure First Impressions Review

Puzzles, dimensions, collectibles, and 90 degree camera turns are common elements present in these type of puzzle games. Ant-gravity: Tiny’s Adventure is no different in this regard and, as such, meets the basics for the game well. Utilizing tight controls and a very cutesy character design for the protagonist, it is obvious from first glance, the game is aimed at a young market. However, in-spite of its target audience, this does not mean that Ant-gravity: Tiny’s Adventure doesn’t offer something for gamers of all ages.

The story is simple, Tiny is an ant living on an ant farm and her owner decided to test out their puzzle solving skills. From this point on, you progress on the standard stages with different worlds. The stages I played were rather short, but still enjoyable. For those with a dark sense of humor, you can enjoy the collection of corpses that represent each of your failures. Each level has a set amount of collectibles that you have the option to grab. They aren’t mandatory for finishing the game and certainly not necessary, unless you’re a completionist. Helping these elements are the bright and colorful art style which will please the target audience.

Ant-gravity: Tiny’s Adventure is so cute that even the corpses of your previous ants look ridiculously funny. Ants will have their tongues sticking out and ‘x’ marks on their eyes and it becomes even more ridiculous as you fall continuously for the same trap. Though, if I were to list the negatives of the game, it’s that it’s simply too generic and has been done a lot in the past. When rating games, I usually give it a single score and that’s it, but for Ant-gravity: Tiny’s Adventure, I will give it two scores: one for children and one for adults.

Younger players: 7/10

Adults: 5/10

If you have small children and want to show them a solid puzzle game aimed at them, then this is definitely a good start. Available now on Steam for Windows.


This game is obviously marketed at a younger audience and we reviewed it as such. If you enjoy this genre of puzzle games, then by all means, buy the game.

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