AI is Coming, and He’s Kinda a Dick

It is quite interesting, this love affair people have with death and artificial intelligence and the evil it could become.  How many movies have you seen that have an artificial intelligence (AI) that has become self-aware and then done GOOD for mankind?  Not many.  Why is that?  People are fascinated with the end times, the “apocalypse” and all of the trimmings that go with it.  Now, we have to deal with taking that next step lead by a Dick.

An Android robot created by David Hanson is the current leading technology in this field, that we know of (imagine what we are not being shown).  What makes this new Android, let’s call him Dick, is because his memory is filled with the works of science fiction writer, Philip K. Dick and with transcriptions of the famous author’s discussions with fellow scribes.  This has given Dick quite a bit of information to pull from to form opinions, responses and even make statements, all in the style of Philip K. Dick himself.  The most interesting part about this new android is, it is learning new words and concepts in real-time and using them when appropriate.

Recently PBS NOVA interviewed Dick and the results were quite interesting.  Some questions asked were along the lines of can it think and the like.  The answers were creepy, somewhat unsettling and downright scary as Dick continued the discussion well after the question was “satisfactorily” answered.

Essentially Dick would put humans, that are nice to him, in a people zoo where he could “keep [us] warm and safe…I can watch you for ol’ times sake.”  Tell me that isn’t a creepy as answer to the question “Do you think robots will take over the world?”

Our love with the end of the human race by the hand of a robot is no more evident than in the success of the Terminator franchise.  We have seen it with other franchises too such as Transformers that are entering their fifth movie and many examples in comics, anime and of course books.

Is a dystopian future coming?  Will it be run by a Dick?  We are not sure but the day we see a robot that is for all intents and purposes free thinking and acting is coming sooner than later.

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Carl Williams

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