5 Wrestling Storylines WWE Won’t Repeat Ever Again

In the 80’s and 90’s wrestling was different.  Sure, there were plenty of promotions going at once, kind of like today, but back then, they had a higher bar to meet.  You couldn’t just throw a ring up in a building and call yourself a wrestling promoter.  I mean, I guess technically you could.  Anyhow, it was a wild time and we had people jumping ship from one company to another, we had territories so one guy may appear on multiple shows at once and we had some rather wild storylines.  Here are some of the ones that I doubt we will ever see on WWE television again.

  • Hardcore Anti-American Angles

From Sergeant Slaughter going turncoat in 1991 to Daivari and others that represented the Middle East against strong “American” supporters- WWE used to be pretty hard on storylines.  I mean, come on, are you telling me that Rusev is your idea of a strong “Anti-American” bad guy?  Look at the promo below from Sergeant Slaughter for a clue.

Why we won’t see this angle again – With the Iraq war, or whatever it is being called now, still going on and continued worldwide struggles that run deep and hit home, hard, the WWE would not dare try this hardcore of a storyline again.

  • Katie Vick

I can already hear the collective eye roll of readers at this one.  Yeah, Triple H was involved in a storyline that called for him to, loosely, dress up like Kane and act like he was sexually assaulting a dead female body.

Why we won’t see this angle again – With the recent rape case with that rich kid getting little more than a slap on the wrist, and just about anyone else that has experienced this horrific activity.  That is why.

  • Val Venis Gets Castrated

Hmm, WWE during the “attitude era” bring in a wrestler that is a former porn star.  He continues to portray this peculiar resume entry in his wrestling career.  The reason this gets weird is because in a storyline Val Venis was to have his penis cut off.

Why we won’t see this angle again- Do you really think we will ever see another former porn star in WWE?  Let alone one that is about to get his penis cut off?

  • Brian Pillman and Stone Cold Steve Austin End RAW with a gun shot

The story was supposed to be a reality based type affair- bringing WWE (then WWF) cameras into Brian Pillman’s home to show his softer side probably.  Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives and begins attacking people and breaks into the Pillman residence.  Thing is, Pillman has a gun and is shown brandishing it in the direction of the door that Austin was just shown breaking a window out in.

Why we won’t see this angle again- with the regular gun violence going on in the United States, I cannot see WWE ever revisiting this angle in any form.

  • Big Boss Man Feeds Al Snow His Dog

Al Snow was one of those wrestlers that had legitimate talent in the ring but was crippled with the need to push merchandise.  His first choice was a mannequin head named “head”.  His second choice was a Chihuahua named Pepper.  In a feud with Big Boss Man, Al Snow ends up losing Pepper.  Big Boss Man has dognapped her and decides to kill and cook Pepper and feeds her to Al Snow at a dinner in the guise of “burying the hatchet”.

Why we won’t see this angle again – Come on, WWE has a bad track record with animal rights activists and in today’s world, I can only see this angle getting vetoed by more than one person along the creative process.

Know of a weird WWE storyline that they won’t revisit?  Let us know in the comments.

Carl Williams

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