31 by Rob Zombie Receives New Trailer

Ah, the carnival.  A place of fun and games and rides.  At least that is what you are supposed to see.  The people running the carnival are usually looked down upon for various reasons.  Not sure why that is though.  Anyhow, one particular member of the carnival family, the clown, is the source of nightmares for a lot of people- both young and old.  31 by Rob Zombie is the story of five carnival workers that have seen better days so to speak.  This is hell and they are going to have to do their best to live through it.

This time of year people are looking for haunted houses and other attractions to scare them.  After seeing 31 by Rob Zombie a lot of people may rethink their urge to find haunted houses and probably write off long distance travel while they are at it.  This movie looks quite messed up, it should as it is coming from the mind of Rob Zombie.

See, the story for 31 by Rob Zombie (just using that name for keyword purposes) is quite, um, different.  It is the mid 70’s and a group of carnies (as they are known) are travelling from one job to another.  Well, as fate would have it, they apparently travel a little too close to the area that people like those in “The Hill Have Eyes” live.  This infraction results in the RV traveling group getting attacked.  Now with only a few of the original group still alive, they are taken a large foreboding building.  Inside is a maze like setup, similar to what you might find in a haunted house, and that is just the beginning of the messed up situation they now find themselves in.

The attackers known as “The Heads”, a group of people that find it comforting to dress as clowns, give the carnies one chance to live.  All they have to do is survive the “house of horrors” for 12 hours in a game called 31.  Will they do it?  Based on the trailer above I have some money on nope and slim with slim having just shriveled up and left town.

Carl Williams

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