2D Side Scrolling Action Platformer, Pauli’s Adventure Island, Hits Google Play

Action fans are sometimes forgotten in the world of Android as there is a plethora of many magnitudes worth of fans that “love” those freemium time management games like Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff and many others.  It is sad, this is a genre that once ruled gaming and now it is relegated to the backseat for titles that sell you virtual bobbles.  For the one or two fans that remember playing games like Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog, Pauli’s Adventure Island is probably going to bring back great memories.

As usual, there is a basic story that gets things rolling, Pauli’s Adventure is no different.  Apparently Pauli’s island has been overrun by mechanical creatures that are running amok.  It is simple and it gives reason for the proceedings.

What follows is a 2D action platform title that features customizable controls, many levels and HD cartoon style graphics.  There are many worlds to play through that feature a lot of levels (exact count not available).

The way you battle bosses is unique, well, the way you even find them is.  You are not simply going to run in one direction and avoid obstacles and eventually run into a boss.  No, you have to find the three hidden clovers, which then unlock the boss level.  Once you beat the boss level you will face the boss.  Interesting twist on the classic formula, one that remains to be seen if fans will enjoy or berate in the comments.

The publisher has chosen to give Pauli’s Adventure away for free.  Completely free.  There is no cost to download it and there are no In App Purchases to worry about either.  That is definitely interesting.  I will give Pauli’s Adventure the run through this week and be back with a review on how things went.

Pauli’s Adventure Island by Hejvisj
Platform: Android
Genre: Action/Platform
In App Purchases: No
Rated: Everyone in Google Play
Available now in Google Play

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