Monthly Archives: April 2018

Update Sega Game Gear Retail Resurrection Occurs in Wisconsin, Location and Sale Dates Confirmed

It is no secret that Sega has announced they are working with AtGames (ugh)on what is being called the “Sega Genesis Mini” but their return to retail was preempted, slightly. Earlier this year, in a retail location in Wisconsin, Sega

New Sega Genesis Game Crypt of Dracula to Show at Retro Revival Event

Who does not like a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl? If you are tired of the traditional grid-based gameplay then you will want to check out Crypt of Dracula. It takes the traditional view point and modifies it a bit.

How Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Became a Gaming Classic

Blockbuster action adventure movie Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade was released in the summer of 1989. Starring the titular archaeologist as he and his friends face off against the Nazis, The Last Crusade made almost $300 million at the

Shenmue HD Remaster Comparison Video Released

The Shenmue I and II remakes are all the rage right now. Fans are extremely excited for these HD remasters that will be hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. A YouTube content creator has recently put together a video

Sega Genesis Mini Console Officially Coming

It was inevitable that Sega would want in on the action that Nintendo has created with their Classic Mini consoles. That brings us to a tweet from Sega of Japan saying they are releasing a Mega Drive Mini (Sega Genesis