American Horror Story S6E2 Review by Gravis Ludus


Still no Evan Peters in this week’s American Horror Story. Fans are dying to see what character he plays. The fist installment this season wasn’t good, if I may say so, but I had no problem getting into this new episode.

Kathy Bates, who is fine after being hit by Shelby’s car, is condemning a man for stealing from the community store house. The punishment? Death by being slow roast, over an open fire, while wearing the pig’s head we caught a glimpse of in the first episode. Terrified, Shelby runs away, somehow finds her way out of the forest in two seconds flat, then faints in front of Lee’s car. Matt rushes her to the hospital where she is tested for hallucinogens. She’s clean.

We are only at the beginning and things are looking more interesting than last week. I was worried that this season would be a flop. Boy was I ever wrong.

Back at the house, Matt’s niece, has come to visit. This seems like a very bad idea. Lee goes to the kitchen to make lunch. When she comes back, Flora is gone… but just to another room where Lee finds her talking to what looks like empty space. She explains that she was speaking to her friend, Priscilla: “She says she’ll make me a bonnet just like hers if we make it stop.” Make what stop, you ask? “She says she’s tired of all the blood.” Cue the chilling music. Haven’t I said nearly all horrors need a creepy kid to make them really pop?

Matt gets woken up in the dead of the night by a ringing phone. He goes downstairs to pick it upand hears a faint voice calling for help. If my phone went off in the middle of the night I wouldn’t answer it. Don’t they know that’s how most horror movies start?

He looks down. The phone wire is cut. What comes next is probably one of the scariest scenes this show has ever put together, and that’s saying something. Two nurses stand over an old lady, who is pleading with them to stop hurting her. “You’ll take it and like it.” They say. When the old lady refuses her meds one nurse picks up a gun and shoots her in the head. She then picks up a spray can and paints the letter “M” on the wall. “M is for Margaret.” Looks like your wife isn’t going insane after all Matt.

After all the drama of the night before, Mason (Lee’s ex-husband) arrives to pick up Flora. She’s playing hide and seek. Her parents look around for her, only to discover her chatting away in a hidden cupboard at the top of the stairs. When they open the small door, she stares blankly: “Where’d she go?” There is no one there, but Flora then says she was just about to let Priscilla play with her doll. “I said I would trade,” she explains. “So they wouldn’t kill us. They’re going to kill us all. And save me for last.” And the creepiness begins!

Matt and Shelby find an old cellar in the ground, and open it. Inside, they find what looks like a bunker, and a video camera.We find out that the man in the first video is called Dr. Elias Cunningham, and that he moved into the house  to write a true crime novel based on two murderous nurses who killed their elderly patients. “Bridget and Amanda” didn’t just kill anyone, though. They used the letters in their victims’ name to spell out their “favorite word,” MURDER. Something happened before they could  finish, leaving the word with one letter missing. As you can tell this series is certainly heating up to say the least.

The episode ends after Lee picks her daughter up, without daddy’s permission. It’s safe to say Flora’s father is furious and is on his way to pick the girl up. Lee goes to the living room to give her daughter a kiss goodbye before her father comes for her only to discover that she is gone. They search the house, but there is no sign of her. They begin to search the woods. Matt and Shelby hear a scream and go running to where Lee is, only to find Floras yellow hoodie dangling from the top of an enormous tree. Then it ends!

They left us with one hell of a cliffhanger this time. I can’t wait for next weeks episode. I can only hope Evan Peters will join in the season then, because fans are at the edge of their seat waiting for his long awaited arrival.

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