Blood, Gore, Guts and Horror


We all love a good horror movie but there are some movies which have taken gore and guts scenes to the next level. I decided to do a list of the most gut wrenching movies I have seen so far. Let’s see who agrees with me when I say you need a strong stomach to be able to watch any of these.

I Spit on Your Grave:

Although the so-called “victims” in this movie deserve everything they get, it is still a hard movie to watch due to the horrific torture scenes. Jennifer (Sarah Butler), a writer who rents an isolated cabin in the country so she can work on her latest novel. The peace and quiet does not last long due to a gang of thugs who rape and torture her, then leave her for dead. But she returns for seeking revenge, she traps the men one by one. Jennifer inflicts pain on her attackers in gruesome and vile ways, which make it hard to carry on watching without wincing in your seat.


I won’t be going on any swamp tours ever after waiting this gore-fest movie. With revolting scenes of blood and guts, it will be sure to get your stomach churning. Ben (Joel Moore) and Marcus (Deon Richmond) are college students enjoying a holiday in Mardi Gras. They decide to go on a boat tour of a supposed haunted swamp. The students meet several other tourists, including quiet and beautiful Marybeth (Tamara Feldman), they are entertained by their guide Shawn (Parry Shen), who tells them tales of a ghostly serial killer who wanders the swamp. They laugh off the stories, until someone, or something, starts picking off members of the group one by one.


This movie is bound to have made backpackers terrified to travel across Europe ever! OMG the scene where the girl’s eye is removed with scissors is truly revolting. Best friends Josh (Derek Richardson) and Paxton (Jay Hernandez) decide to spend the summer on a backpacking trip across Europe. They stop in Amsterdam to indulge their tastes for drugs and sex then they meet Oli (Eythor Gudjonsson), a traveler from Iceland. When the three set off to investigate enticing rumors of a Slovakian hostel in a city populated by lusty women, they find themselves drawn into a deadly game instead.

Cabin Fever:

So much face melting scenes in this movie, it’s bound to make your toes curl and your stomach clinch. Eli Roth’s debut feature follows five youngsters as they head to their cabin in the woods, and a deadly flesh-eating virus attacks them, much to the dismay of the homicidal locals.

Wrong Turn:

Wrong turn is full of all of disgusting, horror scenes. You will soon be asking someone to pass you a paper bag to vomit in while watching this disturbing flick. Six people find themselves trapped in the woods of West Virginia, hunted down by “cannibalistic mountain men grossly disfigured through generations of in-breeding.”

If you are sat wondering why the Saw movies did not make my list, it is because they are everyone’s obvious choice. They are in my top 10 somewhere but lets face it the Saw movies got boring fast.


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