Mrs Browns Boys Dmovie 2 Is In The Works


If you’re not from the UK then you will be wondering what all the Mrs browns boys fuss is about. Let me tell you… it’s so damn hilarious and addictive us brits just can’t seem to get enough.

Although I own all the Mrs browns series dvd’s I must admit D’movie wasn’t really great. I was so disappointed with the whole thing. The setting for the browns family has always been based around the family home or the pub. Personally they tried to change way too much, too soon. We all knew Mammy had a fruit stall on the market but did we really need a movie based around that?

I hope with the second movie coming up they are going to change the errors in the first one and stay true to the series. We don’t want to see Mammy running around the town, we want to see her sat at her table with Winnie or in the pub with her pint of cider, being the foul-mouthed old woman we came to know and love.

I know what all you non brits and non Mrs Browns fans must be thinking right now, how the hell can you base a movie around 2 places? Well let me tell you this, if you gave the series a go then you would understand exactually what i mean and see why it works so well.

The Mrs Browns cast includes:

Brendan O’Carroll as the amazing foul-mouthed Agnes Brown (mammy).
Jennifer Gibney (Brendan’s girlfriend) as Mammy’s Daughter Cathy Brown.
Danny O’Carroll (Brendan’s son) as Buster Brady, the bad boy family friend with no brains.
Fiona O’Carroll (Brendan’s daughter) as Maria Brown, Wife to Mrs Browns son Dermit.
Eillish O’Carroll (Brendan’s sister) as Winnie McGoogan the not to bright neighbour and best friend to Agnes.
Pat Shields as Mark Brown, Mrs Browns first-born son.
Amanda woods as Betty Brown, Mark’s wife.
Rory Cowen as Rory Brown, Mrs Browns gay son.
Gary Hollywood as Dino Doyle, husband of Rory
Martian Delany as Trevor Brown, Mrs Browns priest son.
Paddy Houlihan as Dermit Brown, Mrs Browns youngest, once bad boy son.
Also many more amazing characters.

I can only wonder what D’movie 2 is going to entail but I am truly hoping it is better than the first one. During a chat with The Sun Brendan O’Carroll said this:

“we were planning to do it this year but the numbers weren’t right. The Brexit drop in Sterling makes it a lot more expensive for the studio than it would have been previously”.

That said, once the currency situation stabilises, conversations about making the sequel will continue, it seems.

“The plot and outline are there and ready to go”, O’Carroll confirmed. “We know what’s going to happen and how we’re going to do it”.

What did you think of the first movie?



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