The Labyrinth Set For Remake Or Sequel? Either Way WTF


Now I know this is not a remake movie because if it was that would be a damn disgrace, but come on! We don’t want a Labyrinth sequel for god sake, maybe years ago when the late David Bowie was with us yes. This movie will never need a continual so let it be.

The original movie Labyrinth starred the late David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, it opened up a fantastic fantasy world filled with loveable creatures, swamps and a rearranging maze. The movie was thought up by Jim Henson’s wonderful imagination, Monty Python’s Terry Jones comedy writings and of course David Bowie’s amazingly catchy songwriting and wonderful voice. The movie bearly made back half of its $25 million budget but it still became an 80’s classic with a huge fan base.

Its been said that Nicole Brown and Lisa Henson (daughter of the late puppeteer) will launch a renewed version of the fun-filled Labyrinth world. Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer is said to develop the screen play which will take us back to that Labyrinth world from the 80’s.

There has however been a lot of speculation as to whether the movie will be a remake or a sequel. That was cleared up earlier this year by the Guardian of the Galaxy co-writer herself on Twitter when she posted a tweet that stated the movie would not be a remake. She also went on to tweet:

Labyrinth is my favourite film from childhood. So I share your concerns that any continuation of the world be handled with love and respect”

Here’s a thought: leave it be! This movie will never, ever need a sequel, you can’t carry on a story from the 80’s and expect it to be great. Whether this movie is to be a remake or a bloody sequel it is going to cause many fans a lot of anger at the fact the fact this is going to happen. Save yourself the trouble and leave it alone.

I have no release date for you guys yet as the movie is still in the making.

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