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So we only have 3 days to go until we reach the very anticipated season 6 of American Horror Story. I thought we could take a look at each season, starting from murder house and ending with what we know of season 6. Being a fan myself, I am super excited for the first episode to hit our screens on Wednesday at 10pm.

Murder House Season 1:

Vivien, Ben and their daughter Violet move from Los Angeles into a Victorian mansion home after they miscarried a child and Ben was playing away with one of his students. The families are unaware the house is haunted and soon enough strange things start to happen.

Season one brought us… A ghost by the name of  Tate Logan, A ghost maid who appeared old and withered to women but young and beautiful to men. A burn victim who was in love with the next door neighbour Constance And more twists and turns than you can wildly imagine. Just in case you haven’t seen the show yet I won’t go too deep into the story.


Asylum Season 2:

This season takes us to 1964 in a mental institute Briarcliff Manor. We follow the stories of the staff and inmates who occupy it and the season tends to jump from past to present throughout.

Season 2 brought us… Dr. Oliver Thredson who was a sociopath who became a serial killer of women. Monsignor Timothy Howard who carried out strange experiments on the patience. Larner Winters a reporter who ends up becoming an inmate. Kit Walker who gets accused of murdering his girlfriend and not forgetting sister Jude an alcoholic Nun with a dark past. Again this season was full of twists and turns that would make your hair curl.


Coven Season 3:

In this season we follow a band of witches who live together in a coven, each one has a different and unique ability to the next. We also follow horrific deaths as the season progresses.

This season brough us Queenie, a witch with the ability to act as a human voodoo doll. Fiona Goode who is the head of the Coven house and the supreme witch. Madison Montgomery, a telekinetic drug abuser. Kyle Spencer, who takes a liking to Madison and many more amazing characters. This season was amazing and kept your eyes fixed on the screen, wondering what was coming next.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN Go to Hell - Episode 312 (Airs Wednesday, January 22, 10:00 PM e/p) --Pictured: (L-R): Lily Rabe as Misty Day, Taissa Farmiga as Zoe, Evan Peters as Kyle, Sarah Paulson as Cordelia, Emma Roberts as Madison -- CR. Michele K. Short/FX

Freak Show Season 4:

This season has been my favourite so far. Set in 1952 in Jupiter, Florida, we follow a group of people who are part of the last remaining freak show of its time.

This season brought us… Elsa Mars the owner of Fräulein Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Ethel Darling, the bearded lady and Jimmy Darling, her lobster handed son. Dell Toledo, the strong man and his 3 breasted wife, Desiree Dupree. Let’s not forget the newly added conjoined twins, Bette and Dot Tattler. This seasons twists and turns are enough to make your eyes spin and leave you wanting much more.


Hotel Season 5:

This season was based around the Cortez, the Cortez was a hotel where if you died on the premises you lived out your ghost years as one of its residents. It also brought us the amazing Lady Gaga as the new cast member to our beloved show, the countess.

This season brought us… The blood drinking countess of the Cortez. The founder of the hotel, James Patrick March. A heroin junkie named Sally and a strap on wielding addiction demon. This was the most horrific season to date, with its gruesome murders and clever twists.


??? Season 6:

Season 6 is ready to air in 3 days and the fans are abuzz of speculation as to what the season could be as it has been kept under wraps as much as possible. FX has released an array of promo trailers and each one has been different, to help throw us off the scent of what the season could be. Rumours have it that the show’s season name was accidentally leaked by Rotten Tomatoes and TV Guide.

The show is apparently going to be named The Mist and it’s been said that they will be borrowing heavily from the novel The Mist by Stephen King. The thing that has got me is could this all be another massive throw off to keep us from guessing the season?

We know Evan Peters has dyed his hair ginger for the upcoming season and we know Lady Gaga will be will be part of the AHS cast once again this season.

With not long to go now (3 days to be exact) the excitement is building amongst die-hard fans. Personally my vote for the season is still Orphanage as I think based on many of us noting all the creepy kids in the promos they decided to throw us off, with hints of The Mist being leaked. We will find out soon enough though.


What’s your thoughts on the season?






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