Deathstroke Working For Penguin?


Months of wondering who the villain in The Batman stand alone movie, we finally found out it would be Deathstroke. Deathstroke and Batman have had a fude going on for years, finally we get to see them battle it out in a live action movie.

However the thing that everyone needs to keep in mind, is that Deathstroke is in no way, shape or form a schemer. But he is smart meaning he will work for whoever pays him. Sure he will give Batman a run for his money but he probably holds no grudge over the Dark Knight. If this is the case then who has hired him to bring the caped crusader down. Here’s who I think…

Looking back over the comics and such, I cant help but shake the feeling that The Penguin is involved. He started off as a villain who committed his crimes either alone or with a gang. More modern-day however he seems all about the business side of  things. Although he is not worried about making a spectacle of his Evil minions, usually with the help of his gimmick umbrellas of course. My guess is that he would prefer not to fight Batman and get his hands dirty.


Which brings us to why he would hire deathstroke. The Penguin has spent years trying to eliminate Batman using his own manpower, so whats to say he didn’t hire Deathstroke to get the Job done once and for all. Its been a long 25 years, since we have seen The Penguin fight the caped crusader in live action, so now would probably be a good idea to bring him back, don’t you think?

Thats my thoughts on the matter although I am keen to hear yours too. This is just speculation on my part and not full-blown fact, I just had to clear that up there lol.



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