Alrighty then, Or Not Alrighty Then Ace Ventura Remake


As most of us will know it’s said that the Ace Ventura Pet Detective movie is going to get a make over. I side with the do not remake side of things and here is my reasons why.

No Jim Carrey, no movie:

If Jim Carry is not willing to take on the role as the insane wacky pet detective, then this movie would not work. There can only ever be once Ace, surely the movie industry can see that. Carrey made the movie what it was and without him as the leading role I don’t think the movie would have taken off the way it did.

If he says yes:

Even if Jim Carrey says yes to being Ace again, I don’t think the movie would get the same views it did before. When was the last time you saw the Carrey in a really good movie? I would say personally, Liar Liar was the last real good movie. Seriously can you imagine a much older Ace… erm no. Maybe if they were going to do a follow on of Ace Ventura years later would this work.

That comedy era is long gone:

I think that type of wacky, comedy has died with the times to be honest. How often do you see a Slapstick comedy like that these days. The last comedy I can only think of  was Dumb and Dumber 2, and let’s be fair it really wasnt all that good.

Leave it as a classic:

Just leave it how it is and enjoy it on dvd for what it was. The movie does not need remade to be fair, so why bother even touching it in the first place. As it was too many follow on’s to the movie killed a bit of its greatness for me.

What do you think, did I make some valid points?


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