7 Greatest Delena Moments from Each season So Far


Well I am seriously a sobbing mess right now. Looking back over The Vampire Diaries and decided we needed a tribute to 7 years so far with some beautiful Delena moments. Each episode still gives my butterflies in my very core. With the last season fast approaching I want to thank The Vampire Diaries For the 7 years so far.

The most epic love that will ever be, will always be the Delena story. They gave us unforgettable moments, they made us laugh, get butterflies and cry. It was hard to choose just one moment from each season but I finally decided on my 7 favourite moments, for 7 wonderful seasons. I hope you enjoy them and just a word to the wise, get your tissues at the ready.

Season one:

The season it all began for The Vampire Diaries fans all over the world. We always knew Damon (Ian somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) were meant to be, there was just no denying it. So my favourite moment from season one has to be when Damon steps up at the founders ball and dances with Elena. Nina Dobrev looked amazing in that beautiful blue dress and Ian Somehalder well he’s just sex on legs no matter what he has on, am I right or am I right? So here it is… WARNING MAY CAUSE BUTTERFLIES AND CRYING!

Season 2:

Did you cry? Let me know in the comments lol. Well if that one didn’t get your eyes wet then this one is sure to get them going. Elena kisses Damon on his death-bed after being bit by clause the vampire/werewolf hybrid. I know we all sat and watched in fear, worried he was not going to make it. Such a Beautiful moment for fans everywhere.

Season 3:

Now that your eyes are full of tears right now it’s time to move on to season 3 and the juicy motel kiss. This scene also caused tears to well up in my eyes (maybe I’m just a big softy). We all saw it coming from the way she was watching him and his sexy topless chest yum. This was definitely a moment for The Vampire Diaries history books. Lets take a look.

Season 4:

This season brought us Elena being sired to Damon and brought us the awesome college party. Here we see them getting down on the dance floor. I know for a fact we all sat smiling and egging them on. WARNING SCENE BRINGS  SMILING THAT MAY MAKE YOUR FACE HURT!

Season 5:

Damon finally gets the girl he loves but in the final episode while things are going horribly wrong in mystic falls, Damon and bonnie end up trapped on the other side. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder play an epic performance in this next scene. Every time I watch this season I know for a fact I am going to blub like a baby at the end. Lets watch the heartbreaking scene when Elena and Damon have to say goodbye. IF YOU DONT CRY, YOUR HEART IS MADE OF STONE LOL.

Season 6:

We all sat and dreaded the moment we had to say goodbye to Nina Dobrev on the last episode of season 6. It was a terrible heart wrenching scene for everyone watching. But even worse than watching everyone say goodbye was watching Damon saying his goodbyes. The goodbye dance scene was amazing and I bet there was not a dry-eyed fan amongst us. WILL MAKE YOU BLUB LIKE A BABY.

Season 7:

Things in the season got a little messed up what with Elena not being there, we soon adapted and got well into it. After all we still had our beautiful bad boy Damon to watch.¬† As you know Damon went a little nuts after being trapped inside the phenox stone but were not expecting the next shocking Delena moment. The moment Damon set fire to Elena’s coffin with her in it. We all sat wide-mouthed no doubt thinking WTF. Heres that moment again.

As you can see it has been one hell of a journey so far, we can only imagin the heartbreaking moments that are still to come in our last season, season 8. It is with a very heavy heart i say thank you for the wonderful years #TVDForever.

What was your best TVD moments?







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