Why The Vampire Diaries Tops Twilight Any Day


So there is a lot of comparing that has been going on over the years about Twilight and The Vampire Diaries being the same. Can I just say both are cool but its apparent Stephenie Meyer did copy L. J. Smith on the story line. “The Vampire Diaries” came first. The “Vampire Diaries” book series, by L. J. Smith, started in 1991 — that’s 14 years ahead of Stephenie Meyer’s first “Twilight” book, in 2005. But lets not stop there.

So I am a fan of both The Vampire Diaries and Twilight but when you look at some home truths you will see Twilight lacks a lot of important details.

Our Vampire Diaries Beauties Do Not Sparkle!

original     cullen_sparkle

Instead of sparkly skin our incredible vamps have sun protection items such as rings, necklaces etc which have to be spelled by a witch. We all know from every movie ever made vampires have NEVER sparkled.

We have the very sexy Damon Salvatore.


Edward Cullen (Robert Patterson) is all good, hes handsome and sexy as hell… but he is no Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhaulder). Edward is a bit of a pussy if I’m honest, Damon on the other hand would fight to the death for his love of Elena. Not forgetting his bad boy attitude just seems to make us want him more, am I right ladies?

Elena Vs Bella.

nina_dobrev         indexbbb

When it comes down to it I’m sorry to say but Kristen Stewart it a god awful actress she has the personality of a wet sock and the facial expressions do my head in. Her character Bella annoys the crap out of me and although I do love the Twilight movies I’ve always said this about the actress. Nina Dobrev on the other hand is a strong female lead, she’s beautiful and is an amazing actress. Anyone who has to play two people amazingly in the same movie/TV show has to rock.



While the little love/friendship triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob is cute, in The Vampire Diaries we have real friendships. We have people who watch over each others backs instead of just a close-knit little threesome.



Lastly while Twilight is the owner of 3 books and 5 movies, The vampire diaries has had 10 books and an amazing 8 Seasons.

Thank you The Vampire Diaries for all your fantastic episodes and amazing characters.



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