Little Shop Of Horrors Remake – Are They Serious


Come on! Everywhere I look there is remakes coming out the woodwork left, right and center. Now they are planning on destroying another perfect movie classic with a Little Shop Of Horrors Remake. Here is why they should just leave it alone.

The fact that this movie has been confirmed a remake has got me more than a little worried. For a start who the hell are they going to cast no one can beat the original cast such as Rick Moranis, Steve Martian. Ellen Greene. Vincent gardenia and Levi Stubbs. No matter how hard they try this cast can never be topped. Can you imagine seeing any other actors for Seymour and Audrey 2.

They will destroy the movie with damn CGI no doubt instead of the use of a puppet for the human eating plant. This movie I grew up watching and could gladly sit even now and sing along to all the songs and quote every line.  I don’t understand where all this need for so many remake is coming from for god sake make a sequel of the movie if need be but leave the original alone.

It will suck if they are going to modernize this perfectly awesome comedy/horror classic. Movie industry you disappoint me more and more with every classic you plan to destroy.

Lets do an original recap:

Quiet, shy flower shop assistant Seymour pines after his love interest Audrey. During a total eclipse of the sun he discovers a very unusual plant which he names Audrey 2. He discovers the only way to stop the plant from withering and dying is to feed it fresh human blood. The growing plant attracts a lot of business for the struggling flower shop. Seymour ends up feeding Audrey’s boyfriend Orin to the hungry plant, after Orins accidental death. The problems with having to feed the plant grow causing Seymour no end of trouble.

I want to watch the movie now lol. what do you guys think of this dreadful remake in the works?






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