Is Child’s Play 7 Ever Going To Happen?


For years now we have been teased with the return of Chucky, is it every going to happen? Lots of horror movie fanatics would love to see this happen.

In 2014 it was said that director Don Mancini confirmed that he was working on a script for a Child’s Play 7. This horror involving the possessed, red-haired doll was said to become a sequel to the Curse of Chucky. Apparently we were going to see the return of Fiona Dourif’s character Nica Pierce and have Brad Dourif return as the classic voice of Chucky. Chucky 7 was said to reveal what happened to Alice at the end of Curse Of Chucky and was going to tie up any unanswered loose ends at the end of the curse.

The rumors that were going around were that Child’s Play 7 was to be set on a train, the rumour had not been confirmed to be true… or denied. I think it would be pretty cool to see Andy (played by Alex Vincent) take on the killer doll again, and there was a BIG hint that such a thing could happen again in the Curse of Chucky after credits scene.

2015 was the last time I heard anything about this remake, untill now! I just saw on the web that the release date is said to be in 2017 if its true or not I don’t know, I guess we will have to keep an eye out for that one. On twitter Don Mancini has his cover picture set with the words Child’s Play 7… So who knows. I’m going to try to get in touch with the producer to see if I can find anything out. Stay tuned in case I do get any info.

Who else is quite excited about this additional movie to the Child’s Play franchise?



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  • ol school gamer

    Child’s Play 7 was to be set on a train

    and no one see this living doll running around on the train killing people. will these passengers be all blind??, this is the STUUUUPIDEST thing ever. this is main reason i hate horror movies. the plot is always un-believable stupid reason to make it. example:
    a killer is coming and you SENSE!! he’s a killer and you stand there let him end your life. in mean time a gun or a car 3 feet from you and the killer a block away you sit there and trip and fall. to damn dumb to get up run to car or gun. maybe thats why serial killers kill women their mind is program not to do anything from watching these stupid a$$ horror movie.

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