Sausage Party What A Piece Of S**t


What the hell did I just watch, Seriously what a piece of S**t that movie turned out to be. I normally find Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill such a laugh. Not this time! the movie was insaine…yes, Stupid…Yes but funny…No! not even a touch funny.

Rogan does the voice of Frank who is one of eight hot dogs in a packet. His other sausage friends that live in the packaging with him are Jonah Hill and Michael Cera as a disgusting looking deformed meat treat. Seriously where do people even think this shit up for god sake! Every morning all the items in the store sing a big crappy song dedicated to the humans who arrive daily to deliver them to Valhalla.

The food is unaware that when we buy them and bring them home, we chop, boil, cook and eat them. They think they’re transcending to a higher place of existence. So Frank and his girlfriend Brenda the hot dog bun are naturally thrilled when, on the Fourth of July, they’re picked by a shopper to leave the supermarket and experience life out in the  “The Great Beyond.”

Yup the damn hot dog has a bun for a girlfriend haha very funny not! I had to stop watching at this point as I couldn’t handle anymore, I’ve seen the apparent hilarious clips wich are basically just foul mouthed loony tunes or worse shopkins lol. I couldn’t get away with this crappy, mature, animation movie and don’t know how so many of you can say its great.  For me it was mind numbing to say the least and that was without even getting halfway into the movie.

If it was made as a kids movie obviously minus the bad language and innuendos then I think it could have gone far but it’s not and thankfully never will be. what a flop!


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  • Craig Kronvall

    It really wasn’t a good movie

    • I would rather of watched paint dry lol.

    • Carl Williams

      Don’t let Bilal here in the comments hear you say that. lol He will get all non grammatical on you about it.

      • Bilal Prince-Ali

        i didn’t think the movie was all that tbh… but dont try mention me in some comment without tagging me in like you’re some boss..

        Talk about my grammar but defend the ACTUAL grammar in the review! lool you’re pathetic… just answer this question… ‘Is the grammar and spelling used in the review professional/good..?’

        • Carl Williams

          First of all, I am not aware that you can tag people in Disqus. So get off your bitch horse there dude.

          I was not aware that I have to answer to whiners like you about anything. Now, if you would have come in the comments and made a well versed discussion that the grammar was a problem with your enjoying this review then I would oblige with an answer along those lines. Instead, you are acting like a two year old not getting their way and demanding things.

          Don’t like the review, fine. Don’t come here and start attacking others in the comments. Not cool dude. At least, if you are going to attack a writer on their grammar, make sure yours is on the level.

          • Bilal Prince-Ali

            looooooooooooool!!!!!!!!! how old are you yourself! calling me 2 years old isnt actually getting this ‘situation’ resolved lol..

            You’re hilarious you still didnt even answer the question or give me examples of where i have faults in my grammar! you’re actually hilarious and pathetic tbh! loool and thanks for deleting m comments… literally shows what kind of piece of shit site this really is! loool

          • Carl Williams

            Goodbye, Bilal. You have proven you are nothing but a little idiot so I am now banning you from here. I don’t do this often but when someone acts out like you have, it is something that has to be done.

            I don’t mind critical comments and such but when you go and start swearing and just generally being a jerk it is time for you to go.


    That is to bad.

  • Bilal Prince-Ali

    This has got to be one of the SHITTEST reviews i have EVER read!!?! so you as a ‘reviewer’ KNOWING you’re going to review this product decide to leave the theater not even halfway through the movie!? how the hell do you expect to be able to give an educated review then!!?!

    you CLEARLY didn’t get this movie and everything seems to have flown over your head! and “Yup the damn hot dog has a bun for a girlfriend haha very funny not! ” literally such a stupid and juvenile argument to make! you might as well bemoan the fact that Spongebob lives in a pineapple under the sea and has a best friend who’s a starfish! i mean.. who has a starfish as a best friend righttt!!!? ¬___¬

    This website MUST be ran by a friend of yours/someone who cares about you A LOT or just your personal website because there is no way in hell ANY publication would give you work.

    Also whats with all the primary school typos/grammatical errors..!? like you LITERALLY wrote ‘lol’ even if ironically in your review like…. SERIOUSLY!?

    As your bio says you’re a “stay at home mom” well maybe you should stick to that and just stay at home because this writing thing REALLY isn’t for you!

    • Hahaha jog on mate getting a bit touchy there over a cartoon I see


    • Carl Williams

      Um, Bilal, hate to break this to you but your comment is FULL of typos and misspellings yet you call out the reviewer saying writing is not for her? Just saying man.

      • Bilal Prince-Ali

        suck as…?

        And even if i do have typos am i a writer..? did i say i was a writer..? am i reviewing a product..?

        And i love how you reply to me and dont discuss NONE of my other points but go straight to the ONLY ‘arguable’ case lool.. THAT’S HOW YOU KNOW THIS REVIEW IS TRASH!!!

        but thanks for proving my point anyways…

        • Carl Williams

          Whining 2.0 commences. Lay off the caps man. It doesn’t help your argument but does enforce your acting like a two year old.

          • Bilal Prince-Ali

            lool.. so you’re just going to avoid the actual topic!? So i see its not so much the reviewer is trash but the actual site lool?

            ahh thanks for the heads up man.. i shall make sure not to take this piece of shit site serious next time ahaha… you wanna talk about enforcing arguments but ive at least given reason to my opinion rather than having a brain dead ‘mod’ who wants to try me but not actually reply to what im saying but rather how im saying it! absolute idiot..

            And before you even say any BS like.. “oh now you’ve resorted to name calling.. blah blah blah” let me just preemptively address that by saying yes.. yes i am… and what of it..?

          • Carl Williams

            I see you are just egging on being a whiny brat. Lol. Anyhow, keep it up and I will just block you buddy. Attacking others is not going to be tolerated. Neither is being a whiny little bitch.

  • Bilal Prince-Ali

    this site’s a piece of shit… and so is are mods that run this circus!! looool

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