Pretty Little Liars 7B Spoilers


Many of us were left shocked with Pretty Little Liars episode 10, many also saw what was coming, either way what an episode! It’s left so much open for us for the next addition to the seires which will return 17th April 2017 for its final parts ever.

An interview with The Hollywood Reporter said that fans will be able to witness each mystery being revealed gradually. It is going to be well worth the wait to see how the events in Season 7B will unfold, including finding who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis, who is Spencer dad?  and Wren’s  return, which will be an integral part of the final episode.

“By the end of 7B, we’ll know who killed Charlotte and we’ll learn that in a very dramatic fashion,” Charlie Craig (producer) has said. “It will be a driving force right when we come back in episode 11, but that mystery will not be solved until the end. But it will be pretty exciting and satisfactory revelation.”

The next season will expose the real killer of Charlotte and Alison’s ex-husband Dunhill Rollins. Another exciting part is the revelation of the real mother of Spencer, who turns out to be non other than Mary Drake. I saw that one coming a mile off. At the end of the season’s finale, Wren’s return will cause confusion as his presence will not be known until the very end.

The life of Spencer will be exposed and her real father will come out of the woodwork. More weddings are bound to happen the next season.  Alison’s pregnancy will be sure to affect all of the Liars.

Omg is everyone as excited as I am for 7B? I’m sad the show is ending but apparently there is talks of a movie happening for our favourite liars so all is not lost.



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