Fun Hand Print Ideas For Little Hands


I’m a stay at home mum and I’m always thinking up fun ideas that the children and I can sit and enjoy together. Today we decided we would do some messy play, so out came the paints.

I set up the table with plenty colours of choice and asked them if they would like to do some fun hand print’s, to which my 3-year-old replied “can we make hulk,” I thought for a second and told him sure we will see what we can come up with. So we went to work painting his hands while his little 18m old sister Lacey sat in her high chair painting a picture (and eating the paint).

We sploshed the paint all over his cute little hand and splodged it onto the paper, then we set it aside to dry. I thought to myself , why stop there let’s do an Ironman hand too (He’s marvel crazy) So off we went again but this time with the red.

I looked over at his little sister and noticed she was having a good little try at painting her own hand, omg it was adorable. I asked if she would like me to do her hands to which she replied with her funny little nod and said “yeah.” Jaiden said we had to do a Witch and a Ladybird, so that’s exactually what we did.

We used her foot for the ladybird to give it a better shape. Her face was priceless as the cold paint was being spread onto the bottom of her foot. Once dried we added some extras then let them dry. I took a Sharpie marker pen and added the little details, such as eyes, noses, spots etc… The kids were amazed by their special little paint creations and couldn’t wait to add them to our craft wall.

Heres what we came up with:

Lacey’s little Ladybird footprint.


Jaiden’s Ninja Turtle.


Lacey’s Witch and Jaiden’s Hulk.


Not forgetting Jaiden’s awesome Ironman hand.

Anyone who has any other awesome hand print ideas I would love to hear them and give them a go!


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