Exclusive Interview With MK Ultra


An exclusive interview with MK Ultra, a solo artist from the states, very passionate about what he does and the work he puts into his music and performances. A very interesting guy and it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know him.

Q. Firstly, how many members in your band/ group? And how did you all come together?

A. “My name is MK Ultra. It’s a solo project, but I have a 5 person live band and a revolving door of musicians I respect. My main collaborator in song writing is my live bass player Monarch. He thinks I’m completely crazy but he knows what I’m going for. My producer, Thom Panunzio, who has worked with everyone from The Rolling Stones to Alice Copper is a huge help. Bob Ring is my manager and has worked with David Bowie and Lou Reed. He tries to keep me out of jail.”

Q. Your name really stands out from the everyday artist’s title what made you choose MK Ultra? Were there other names before this one and roughly how long have you guys been rocking it out?

A. “Band names are important. It says a lot about who you are. I decided to actually become MK Ultra as a real person. Historically MK Ultra was an American government experiment that practiced mind control. They would give people acid and watch as people would have sex through a glass window. This was the CIA. The idea of MK Ultra is taking over another human through mind control. Every day, everywhere, mind control is still going on. My song Hollywood Holocaust is all about its presence in the entertainment industry.
I came up with the name when I was going through a similar experience after a car accident that should have killed me. The doctors pumped me full of opiates. I was just a shell. There were no signs of humanity under that shell, and stayed there for three years. I was under mind control. MK Ultra was born 2 years ago as a musical project.”

Q. Who could you say have been your inspirations when writing music?

A. “The innovators, people who changed culture along with making great music. Some include Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), David Bowie, John Lennon, Dr. Dre, Lady GaGa, Prince and Abandoned Pools. I am now working on Jayy Von Monroe’s solo album. His music is great and Jayy knows exactly who he is.
I’m interested in artists that are not trying to copy anyone else. This usually leads me to very edgy artists that create their own world. Musicians who do what they want and take risks.”

Q. Who would you say your sound is similar too?

A. “My new singles Hollywood Holocaust and XXX X-Rated are the two songs that will appear on my upcoming album. I get a lot of David Bowie, My Chemical Romance, Nine Inch Nails, Lady GaGa and 30 Seconds to Mars comparisons as well, it’s all over the map.
My goal is to sound like myself and not a copy of something that already happened. There is a lot of electronic influence mixed with guitars. The most important part for me is writing a great song. Sounds don’t mean anything to me if the song is not there, the lyrics catch a lot of people off guard and I take that as a compliment. I prefer that other people label my genre. I had someone call XXX X-Rated “shock pop” recently lol.”

Q. Can you share any funny stories from any video shoots or gigs? Maybe even something out side of the art that makes you smile or laugh with pure embarrassment? Don’t feel pressured to answer that last one.

A. “After you go through a near death experience and lose yourself in a opiated coma not much embarrasses a person. We just filmed a music video for XXX X-Rated with Edwin Stevens who also filmed Hollywood Holocaust. He is amazing to work with. Both of these videos will be released closer to the album release. Both are full of moments that would embarrass a sane person. Clearly I’m not that sane. During XXX X-Rated I did a lot of sex scenes and was walking around naked for half of the shoot. Filming XXX X-Rated was an experience that makes me smile and laugh. I look forward to pushing the envelope more. Wearing clothes is overrated.”

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. “Keep doing what I’m doing, my fans are very supportive. They help spread the word through social media. I’m an artist that is very connected to the Internet. That’s how people hear my music. I can’t thank my fan base enough. They get there is a method to my madness. It’s not to get a shock effect. It’s just what I am. Everyone can expect more songs videos and an album soon. My agenda for the future is pushing music further by writing honestly. Even if it pisses a lot of people off.”

Q. Who would you like to perform with and why, what would it mean to you?

A.Nine Inch Nails and MK Ultra tour would be an honour for me. Anyone that takes chances. Nine Inch Nails took a lot of chances and it worked. So I hope that becomes a reality for me as well.”

Q. And just to round-up what are your personal high points of being a performer and the low points?

A. “I hit a low point when I was on tour promoting my first album. I was feeling sick every day before going on stage. I was a walking pharmacy, I’m certainly not anti-drug. I love a great mushroom trip or taking some Molly. Pot is harmless and I like to drink. Just stay away from the medical Heroin that doctors give you. I was on the drugs that killed Prince recently. When you are that far gone it’s hard to enjoy anything.
My high point is the present. I put everything into the live show as a performer. It’s a very theatrical show. While I am performing now I’m in a different mind state. All my songs play in my mind like a movie and I like painting that picture with music. As long as the audience can’t keep their eyes off the stage it’s a high point.”
That concludes My interview with MK Ultra and I am sure you can all see why I choose to interview him. He’s a very interesting guy, not afraid to be himself and proud to do his thing!

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Finally, a special thanks from myself Alix and the Gravis Ludus team @ www.GravisLudus.com for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.


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