Horror Flick The Birds Set For Remake


So there is remaking a classic then there’s remaking a relic such as Alfred Hitchcock’s the birds. What is actually going on lately, can we have some new movies please?

This movie was not scary the first time around so I don’t know what makes the movie industry think it is going to be any better this time around in this day and age. What are they going to do have great big mutant seagulls swooping down on people to give it a bit more of an edge?

Apparently the remake has been in development for quite some time now but they have finally found a brave person to volunteer directing this ancient movie. Variety reports that Dutch director Diederick Van Rooijen has been hired to work on the remake of The Birds, which is being produced by Platinum Dunes.

Platinum Dunes is well-known for its remakes of ‘80s horror, while Universal has recently been developing reboots of classic monster films, and now the pair have met somewhere in the middle with this Hitchcock movie.

This classic 1963 film (whoa hold on how old is this freakin movie?) centered on a socialite who moves up to California only to discover that the peaceful seaside town is under attack by thousands of birds which have suddenly turned into savage,  murderous pecking, beasts.

The Birds was, and still remains to this day such a singular horror classic that it’s hard to imagine a modernized retelling improving or even matching the original.

Remaking a Hitchcock film is an incredibly difficult job to be done indeed, and there aren’t many directors who would be up to the monumental task. Van Rooijen has some specific talents to bring to the table, and as a director many Americans are unfamiliar with, he does have a slight advantage no matter if the film succeeds or fails.

I just laughed so hard at this original trailer. check it out.

 Whats your opinion on this one?









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