Look Who Wants To Take On The Wolverine Name.


When the third Wolverine movie finally hits theaters in 2017, Hugh Jackman would have played the X – men character for 17 years. There are some Relationships that don’t even last that long, and Jackman will Fully be retiring from the character that made him a Famous name.

What happens next:

People have long since spoken of how Fox plans to move forward with the character and who will be taking on this massive roll. One actor in particular would love the chance to play as the iconic X-Man, and he just so happens to have played a character from DC Comics in the past.

Who is this star wanting to take on the roll? Well the man im talking about is Johnathon Schaech, who you may recognise from earlier this year when he played DC’s villain Jonah Hex on an episode of Legends of tomorrow. While at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, he said that if he could play any character it would be Wolverine.


.The Legends of Tomorrow actor wouldn’t be the first to double dip in DC and Marvel. A perfect example of this is the funny, confident Ryan Reynolds, who starred in Green Lantern, and then years later he brought us the hilarious, awesome Deadpool (and that’s not even bringing up X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

Who will take over from Hugh Jackman after the untitled Wolverine 3 comes out is definitely a discussion on most people’s lips. Its going to be a tough one for sure as who ever they decide on will have a big set of wolverine boots and steel claws to fill. It’s also possible that they may retire the x-man for a while to give other characters in the main series time to shine.

Jackman was born for the part of wolverine, as was Robert Downey Jr. and his character Iron Man. It’s hard to picture anybody else taking on that role isn’t it? The fate of Wolverine is anyone’s guess at this point but keep it here Wolverine 3 is scheduled to hit theaters on March 3, 2017.


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