Opinion On New Blair Witch Movie (The Woods)


As you have all probably heard now the horror movie The woods, was actually a secret name to hide the fact that a new Blair Witch movie was in the making. The Producers revealed the truth behind the story at comic-con in July. I’m not going to lie my first impression was urrrg here we go again, do we really need a new Blair Witch movie?

I was not a fan of The Blair witch project. Back in 1999 the movie could have been way better, in my opinion it was badly put together. Some could argue it was to give it the real feel… real feel or not this movie didn’t really tickle my fear glands lol.

So upon watching the official Blair Witch Trailer I can already tell this movie is going to be a huge creepy scare-fest, especially since it comes to cinemas on September 17th. This means the movie Blair Witch is going to start getting us nicely creeped out ready for the build up to Halloween.

I’m very pleased to say i am really looking forward to the sequel. from what i understand is going to be about the brother of one of the girls from the first movie. I think this one could really work if done right. I understand the need to use handy cams in this one and looking at the trailer it sure gives it a more creep-tastic feel, unlike the first which to me was just annoying.

It looks like this is going to have a lot more action packed scares and a lot of frightful scenes. The girl crawling in an underground tunnel was a really nice touch, I almost felt claustrophobic watching lol. The part in the trailer where the ghost like man was facing the wall and they are saying not to look, seriously had me creeped out *shiver. I think we may actually have a box office smash with this one.

What do you guys think of this?


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