Deadpool 2 rumors squashed.


Deadpool 2 rumors have been squashed keep reading to find out what. Ever since Deadpool himself announced a sequel at the end of his first film, rumors have swirled about what characters could be showing up in Deadpool 2. Cable has by far been the most prominent, but if an X-Man like Colossus can turn up, anyone in the X-Universe could be in the sequel.

Whats the scoop?

Rumors have been going around that not only was Kyle Chandler being considered for Cable, but also Catch Fire‘s Mackenzie Davis was up for the role of Domino the mutant assassin and frequent Deadpool love interest. Davis has finally opened up about the rumor, and there might not be much truth to it after all.

There was an interview with GQ, Mackenzie Davis spoke of some roles that she actually does have, like a part in theĀ  Blade Runner sequel and shooting for the upcoming season of Black Mirror. The conversation eventually went to Deadpool 2, Davis was asked if she had heard the recent rumors about her involvement in the Deadpool 2. According to her, tons of people have been hitting her up on social media about it, but she said that she doesn’t know anything about the project.

The actress went on to say that hasn’t been approached by Fox or anyone what so ever close to production, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be seeking her out to her in the future. The actress seemed to be pretty excited about the rumors, which means she probably wouldn’t be quick to turn her head from the role.

So far, the only confirmed casting news is that Ryan Reynolds will return to the role but that was as obvious as a knife in the back. In addition, Tim Miller will also be returning to direct the sequel along with writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.
Fans have a long wait for the movie though as it is said to hit the cinemas January 12th 2018.

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