80s Movie Weird Science To Be Remade


Well the movie industry is at it again with yet another remake in the works This time with the 80s movie classic weird science. Leave our movies alone for god sake and come up with an original story. If it’s not broken don’t fix it! This movie is in my dvd collection and is another fantastic movie that they are going to be messing with. I cant help but wonder if they are going to do a gender reversal for this one too as it seems to be the “in thing” at the moment.

Recapping the 1985 classic:

If you have ever seen this movie then you would know how fantastically fun it actually is. This 80s classic takes us on a journey with teen misfits Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (Ian Mitchell Smith), when they decide to attempt in making a woman on their computer. As they sit there wearing Bras on their heads. A freak electrical accident bring their woman to life in the form of the very beautiful, superhuman Lisa (Kelly LeBrock).

She sets about on making the misfits popular and confident. She kits them out with new clothes, surprises them with a Porsche. Helps them stand up to the jerks in school Ian (Robert Downey Jr,) and max (Robert Rusler).  Lisa also throws them a party, takes them to a club where they get sloshed. She also stands up to Gary’s parents. All the while they have to hide Lisa’s existence from Wyatt’s nightmare of a big brother Chet (Bill Paxton).

The Remake:

Universal pictures and Silver Pictures will remake this amazing comedy, it will produced by Joel Silver, who made the made the original at universal. Michael Bacall will write the script, he scripted the sleeper hit project X and wrote the script for 21 jump street.  OMG just leave this movie alone! the industry is already taking so many amazing movies and bringing them in to modern times when they don’t need to be. I’m sorry to all the classic movie fans I have had to break this too.









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  • DarthDiggler

    This world is far too PC to remake Weird Science in a manner that resembles the first film.

    People will run away to their safe spaces. Too many sensitive vaginas these days.

    • Carl Williams

      I have to agree, there is no way this is going to come out “good”. It is going to be a trainwreck.

  • TheRandomOne

    Shes gonna be black isnt she

  • Orionsangel

    Starring CGI and more CGI and CG and CG and CG!

    • Carl Williams

      Sadly, this is the way things are going.

  • Crystal McMichael Williams

    You CANNOT remake a movie like “Weird Science” – at least, NOT WELL! It would suck! This movie was so totally different from everything else in its time and soooo good, it’s a time stamp in history by which other things are measured. It was NOT just one of those 80s movies. Don’t fuck up my favorite childhood movie! Just re-launch the original!

    • That’s my point. They need to leave it alone. It’s that simple, if it not broken don’t fix is. I’m waiting for it being 2 girls make a boy because I bet that’s coming.


    Kick ass….!

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