Avatar Sequels and Latest Schedule, Will It Stick?


The latest development in James Camerons massive hit movie series Avatar, after various rumours and talks about the sequels and eventually a supposed prequel it has been confirmed just how many sequels there is to be (so far). Following  the success  of Avatar back in 2009, the talks of sequels began and then seven years later the schedule and movie count  have continued to change.

As it currently stands, according to Blastr. Actor Stephen Lang had made a comment during the promotion of his new movie “Dont Breathe” at the Wizard con ComicCon Chicago, voicing his thoughts on the current schedule  of the sequels and that he expects them to be in production and not finished releasing right up to 2023.
A time line that coincides with what James Cameron was reported to have stated at CinemaCon earlier this year. He also revealed the current line up of all four sequels, the first of which is currently scheduled to hit the cinemas in 2018 with the second two years later in 2020. The third sequel also planned two years later at 2022 and the fourth sequel set only one year later at 2023.

Will this current movie line up stick, or will they add more films? Reports say there are to be four sequels but none say the series will stop there.  The schedule which has changed time and time again, will they stick to this schedule or will it once again been changed?

On that note, would more films  be welcomed or shunned by the fan base. Personally I loved the first movie and it wasn’t  long before I was scouring  the Internet for details on the sequels. I’m looking  forward to them, however there is always that niggling doubt  in the back of my mind. Will they be as good as the original or will they be worse, will we see them hopefully sometime 2018. We will have to wait in anticipation of the next sequel, however I hold out hope that they will be at least as good as the first. As with the original opinions on the sequels will be divided.

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