Real Pokeball Throwing For Pokemon Go?


So most of us have and play the app game Pokémon go and if not have at least tried it. I myself am a little addicted to the game and I am constantly on my phone whenever I go anywhere in case I spot a Pokémon I haven’t caught yet. Pokémon go has been a big franchise for years and the 1st season indigo league took the wold by storm. As seasons went on though people started to lose interest, then boom! Out of nowhere came Pokémon go and it blew up overnight. Everywhere you look people are playing it both adults and kids.

Pokémon go is the closest we will come to living out the fantasy of being a Pokémon trainer, and to see a Pokémon pop up on your phone as if it was in the real world is pretty epic as I’m sure most would agree, but it’s still missing what one vital element and that would be throwing an actual pokeball. A new Kick-started project wants to change that, and with 37 days left in its campaign, it’s already secured its $25,000 goal, plus $6,000 extra.

The “the trainer ball,” may be coming soon, the device has three primary functions. It can be thrown, and by using technology similar to SnapChat’s face detection, your phone can detect its location. Land near the Pokémon you see on your screen and the game registers as a hit. There’s also an accelerometer function, so you can simply motion like you’re going to toss the ball, but actually keep it held in your hand. Lastly, it holds a small power bank so the ball can help charge your phone.

That’s freakin awesome, am I right? Personally I need one of these amazing little, device
and I’m sure it will make it twice the fun, and twice as exciting.

Bring it on I say because I wanna catch em all!

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