American Horror Story News and 10 Trailer Promo Compilation.


ahsseason-6The endless mystery to American Horror Story Season 6 has proven …to be a lot of effort and theories to say the least, but have no fear future seasons won’t use the same approach, thankfully. So says creator Ryan Murphy, who also claims the story connections will “explode” in Seasons 7 and 8.
I have my own theories though! As just after season 5 (from what I remember) there was a vote on what the next season should be.
Most of the votes pointed to orphanage and that’s what I think its going to be.

What do you guys think?

I think they may have thought we forgot about that and made all the trailers to throw us off the scent.
Although creepy kids and babies make an appearance in one trailer.
Murphy spoke with the Hollywood reporter on the current state off the franchise, which insists on leaving Season 6’s theme a complete mystery.
By Murphy’s account, the mystery idea was born of an attempt to break the show’s usual pattern, but wouldn’t represent the new norm. Hooray to that because this has driven fans crazy to say the least.
John Landgraf of FX and Dana Walden of Fox TV Group were apparently saying “the show is in its sixth season, and we’ve always done everything by the book. Come January or February I announce what the theme is, and then we announce the cast.
We wanted to create a different experience for the fans this year. But that doesn’t mean we’ll do that for season seven or even season eight”.
Season 7 and 8 ? That’s the huge fandom a bunch of happy, smiling, fans indeed knowing we have those seasons to look forward to also.(Although FX has issued no such order).
In the meantime, AHS Season 6 keeps on with its endless stream of mind-blowing teasers and posters, to which most of them will have nothing to do with anything.

Here’s what promos we have had so far… enjoy.

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