Friday the 13th has Been Moved Into 2017


So I’ve just seen the scoop on the new Friday the 13th reboot movie which is coming out in 2017. Paramount is in charge of the distribution and It unknown if it is actually going to feature Jason Voorhees.
I am a big fan of the Friday the 13th movies and this film has me very curious and excited to see where paramount is planning on taking the franchise.
This year paramount hasn’t been doing all too  great in the box office, but will this movie actually turn things around for the company, Who knows?

According to “The wrap” the release date has been pushed back to January 2017 in order to ensure a release on an actual Friday the 13th which you must admit that is pretty freakin awesome.

Giving the Camp Crystal Lake killer, Jason’s history his return might be inevitable at this point, although the task of bringing the killer back from his fate in his last appearance on the big screen may be a massive obstacle they are going to have to somehow work around. (personally I believe they need Jason to come back for this movie to be the truly big hit that it could be) I’m hoping they are going to go all out and make this film a one for the history hall of cinema fame.

Whether or not this is going to the fantastic reboot I hope it’s going to be, is anyone’s guess.
Fans all over are likely to be queuing up in mass numbers at the box office when the film finally sees theatrical release even if it is just to find out what happens next.

I’m hoping this movie is going to have me jumping out my seat and spilling popcorn in my lap but we will only find out on Friday the 13th 2017.

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