Lights Out Storms Box Office


Lets talk Lights Out the new horror movie on the block.  Lights Out made quiet an entrance in the box office with over $100 million in such a short time. All made possible through the hard work of first-time feature director David F. Sandberg and James wan and casting Teresa palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Alexander Dipersia and many more.

Lights Out has all the right ingredients, great directors and brilliant cast and crew, a fantastic story and some spine chilling special effects it’s an easy case of money spent well and the over all product is this original horror flick smashing its way through box office and sure to be a film on everyone’s mind soon enough. Even more so for those of us who are afraid of the dark to begin with this movie is sure to add to that.

Now a little about the story line not to give much away because hell that s why you go to watch the movie in the first place.

Our lead has suffered common child hood fears and has tried to put them all in her past. Some years later and grown up, her and other cast members are set to be having the same issues with fears they have tried to put behind them and never really knowing if those things they indeed feared in the dark were truly there. Now in present time those very things they once feared have taken a large step towards making its self known by attaching to our main leads mother. There can be no mistakes now for those who want to survive they must find away to defeat this darkness or be consumed by it.

All in all I think it will be one hell of a watch and I’m really looking forward to seeing this one on the big screen.
No doubt I will be back with a personal opinion on the movie and if I enjoyed it as much as some of the classic horror movies I have enjoyed so much over the years.
Remember to keep your lights on folks.


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