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Location: New Gaming Bar to Open in Sydney Australia Later this Year

Most gamers remember the good old arcades, whether Aladdin’s Castle or some local pizza parlor that had some arcade games in a small room. If you don’t remember those times, well, you are probably too young for this article as

Commercial: Super Mario Bros Used in Mercedes Benz GLA TV Ad in Japan

One of the earliest video games created was a racing game but video games are not all too often featured in car commercials. Mercedes Benz has done something really cool, at least in Japan. For the new Mercedes Benz GLA

Box Art: Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover on Nintendo NES Revealed

This is a follow up article on a game that was covered recently- Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover on the Nintendo NES. Now, the box art is available and the total number of carts to be

Game Hack- Super Mario Bros: Modern Classic Edition Updates Retro Classic NES Title

While the original Super Mario Bros has aged really well for a title created so long ago, it is indeed showing its age a bit. The NES only had so much power and Nintendo did their best with what they

Today in Retro Gaming – Superman (N64)

One hundred and ninety-six countries, including all of Europe became signatories to the Geneva Convention back in 1949. Despite this documented historical fact, French developer Titus Software was, for reasons unknown to Amnesty International, the Red Cross, and the United

Game Hack: Bug's Bunny Birthday Blowout Converted Back to Roger Rabbit Game on NES

Anyone that grew up playing the Nintendo Entertainment System will probably have had at least a passing interaction with either Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Bug’s Bunny Birthday Blowout. The version of Roger Rabbit that came to North America is

Bandit Gaming: Spy vs Spy – Mario Bros Edition for Nintendo NES

Mario has had a lot of jobs over the years from doctor (Dr. Mario) to kart racer (Mario Kart series) and even a typing teach (Mario Teaches Typing). One job has eluded the Italian plumber though and that is the

Game Hack: Castlevania- Opposing Bloodlines Mixes Up a Gaming Soup

There have been many gaming mashups over the years for various systems, most popular of the bunch probably being the Super Smash Bros series. Retro platforms have been doing it for far longer than that Nintendo 64 game though, particularly

Kaiju Style Giant Monsters Battle in King of the Monsters 2 on the Neo Geo System: Today in History- May 25th, 1992

It is a rule of gaming, when one game is a hit, there must be a sequel to capitalize and cannabalize sales. SNK was no different in this regard as their unstopped rampage through fighting games on the Neo Geo

Game Hack: Atari Man II Created from Retro Mega Man II on Nintendo Entertainment System

Mega Man is, and probably always will be, one of Capcom’s retro flagship titles. Just like any other character that is a part time mascot, Mega Man is touted whenever it is good for the company. Way back on the