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Today in History: December 31st, 1999- Zombie Revenge is Released on Sega Dreamcast

Zombie titles and Sega, at one time, were synonomous with each other. Sega was quite prolific in releasing games with zombies in them at a regular clip, that was when they were hungry. This was a golden age for gamers

New NES Game: Sgt. Helmet Training Day by the Mojon Twins

It is not every day that we get a new game for the Nintendo Entertainment System so it is usually a small event in the retro community when it happens. The Mojon Twins are prolific in releasing new games for

Kickstarting 8-Bit Action Adventures with Insanity's Blade from Casual Bit Games

Normally we don’t cover Kickstarter projects here at RGM, nothing behind it, we just tend to focus on what our readers have shown the most support for. We are open to new things though, that is how you find out

Today in History: December 8th, 2004- Viewtiful Joe 2 Snubs Xbox and Lands on Sony Hardware

Back in the day, Microsoft had it kind of tough getting original titles on their Xbox system. Some companies showed support while hold certain games back for whatever reason. Viewtiful Joe 2 is one of those titles that snubbed the

Today in History: December 7th, 2004- Mega Man X8 Arrives Without Keiji Inafune

Mega Man is one of a select few legacy franchises that has survived since the Nintendo Entertainment System days and is not a Nintendo bred title. There are not a lot of other titles in this group so it is

Chuck Yeager's Fighter Combat to See Extremely Limited Release on Nintendo Entertainment System

Years ago, Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat on the Nintendo Entertainment System was cancelled for whatever reason. It was pretty much a completed game that was simply canceled late in development (prototypes were produced presumably for review purposes). Several years ago

Y's V – Kefin, Lost City of Sand For SNES/SFAM Translated in English

Fan translations are not new but the games that are getting translated are, at least to people that didn’t speak the original language. Here we have Y’s V: Kefin, Lost Kingdom of Sand on the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom (depending on

Frame Gride Translated and Improved For English Gamers by Fans

To say that Dreamcast fans are dedicated and hardcore is probably an understatement considering what they are accomplishing. Yesterday, we brought you news of a fan release of Shenmue II on Dreamcast and today, we are bringing you another fan

Fans Make Shenmue II, With English Voices, Available for Sega Dreamcast

Shenmue was on of those games that gamers either loved or didn’t understand. It was also one of the titles that Dreamcast owners could point at and thumb their noses at everyone else because there really was nothing else like

Reblobed, Yet Another Dreamcast Title Coming

For a “dead” system, the Sega Dreamcast is receiving some interesting titles as of late. First a port of Alone in the Dark is in the works and we find out about an action RPG called Saviour and now, a